GengiScan Srl

Corso Venezia, 10, Milano, Lombardia, 20122, Italia.

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Network of activities with a shared users community where to communicate and find offers. Green, interactive and fun. We make people move.

Digital Marketing - Networking - Green
Network of commercial activities of any sector, involving them in promoting their business by sharing a community in an interactive and green tool. Generate digital promotions, see statistics, notify GengiScan users and let them collect cards, coupons and event tickets in their digital wallet. GengiScan main customers and drivers are small and medium businesses, for the subscriptions business model channel. These business activities will contribute to populate GengiScan community and make our platform grow and attractive. Medium and big business partners can be engaged for "on demand campaigns" and custom made experiences and events. We will solve the issues below: - to grow and manage a private/not shared community (business users) - find new marketing and communication channels (business users) - exploit a high engagement tool to find and convert new prospect customers (business users) - substitute paper and ink physical marketing tools with green and interactive ones -> GengiScan App and platform (business users) - collect and keep in your phone all the cards, coupons and events ticket without the risk of loose or forgot them (private users) - be informed about offers around your self (private users) - gamification of the collection experience (private users)

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